North Chapter Inaugural Field Trip

On Saturday June 9th, the North Chapter held its inaugural field trip at St. Joseph County’s Spicer Lake Nature Preserve.   This event was held in conjunction with a “bio blitz” that was held concurrently with the hike.  


Hike leader and INPAWS member Marjorie Riemenschneider (standing) was one of the community leaders who, in the 1970s,  helped save and protect the Spicer Lake property.  In this photo, Marge is holding a property map and talking about the history and efforts to save the property.


The group traverses the boardwalk through the wetlands where several state listed plants are found.  Sadly, invasive Reed Canary Grass is encroaching on much of the wetlands.


Field Trip Chair John Smith consults his field guide while hike participants marvel at the native flora growing along the edge of Spicer Lake – a small kettle lake that was created by the retreat of the Wisconsin Glacier.


The Woodland Trail at Spicer Lake – Saving Spicer Lake was a collaborative efforts between South Bend Audubon, The Nature Conservancy and St. Joseph County Parks.


Approximately 13 members and guests attended our first field trip, and a good time was had by all.  



    Susan Rowe wrote on June 29, 2012

    We had a really good time and learned a lot. Marjorie did a really nice job leading our group. If we had questions there were several people there who could help get the answers. And believe me as a new member, we had lots of questions!

    Ellen Jacquart wrote on June 16, 2012

    Congratulations on your first event! Looks like it was fun and full of flora.

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