Black Walnut Tree Fungus Confirmed in Ohio

This just in from Ohio entomologist Phillip Marshall via Ellen Jacquart…

Ohio has confirmed the TCD fungus, Geosmithia morbid, from trees in Butler county Ohio (see attached press release). Butler County, Ohio is north of Cincinnati and adjacent to Dearborn County Indiana.

The location of TCD in Butler county is 15-20 miles east of the Indiana border. Entomology staff have placed walnut twig beetle traps along the Ohio/Indiana border and other high risk sites across the state.

Now is the time that symptoms of TCD can be seed in Black Walnut trees.  If you observe a black walnut tree with yellow leaves on the outer branch in the tree crown now through September, please use the Forest Pest Outreach Survey (FPOSP) form to report the tree(s).    Here is website –

You can report online via the website or print the form and send the form by fax  or email.    The website also has a link to recorded webinar that will show the symptoms.

You can also call 1-866 NO EXOTIC (1-866-663-9684)

Please report any suspect black walnut trees.



Philip T. Marshall

State Entomologist/Forest Health Specialist

Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology

402 W. Washington St. Rm 290W

Indianapolis, IN 46204

317-232-4120 (Division number)

317-232-4189 office

812-595-2740 mobile



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