INCA Legislative Action Alert!

Indiana Conservation Alliance urges INPAWS members to take action in support of conservation measures making their way through the legislature.

 1.     Ask Sen. Charbonneau and Rep. Eberhart to schedule committee hearings on the phosphorus bills.  Neither one has committed either way yet.

2.     Please contact your member if they are on the House Ways and Means Committee (listed below).  If your member is not on House Ways and Means, please ask your member to talk to the Chairman of that committee, Rep. Tim Brown.   We need support from Ways and Means on two things:

a.       Support the Clean Water Indiana at $1.3 million/year and Indiana Heritage Trust at $2 million/year

b.      Vote in favor of House Bill 1011 to improve public transit options in central Indiana when it comes up for a vote (likely on Wednesday, February 13).

More information about this year’s INCA priorities: INCA Fact Sheet 2013



    Lynn Dennis wrote on February 20, 2013

    There are a few updates to the above: Because of the schedule, both phosophorus bills are dead for this session. No action needed at this time. The Budget HB 1001 has been reported out of Ways and Means, with improved funding for Clean Water Indiana, only $97,000 per year for IHT. Now we need to work on Senate members, particularly those on Appropriations Committee. Please talk to your Senator and ask him/her to speak to Senator Kenley about including a signficantly larger appropriation for the Indiana Heritage Trust: environmental license plate purchasers are supporting it consistently at $1.2 million per year. Write or call your representative and ask them to vote in favor of HB 1011, the transit bill which provides for local decision making on transit expansion.

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