Letha’s Fund Links Kids to Nature

We invite you to help INPAWS spread the word about Letha’s Youth Outdoors Fund. 

Who can apply  Any teacher, youth leader, or youth group in Indiana can apply to Letha’s Fund. There are no deadlines; grants are awarded to appropriate projects as long as funds are available. 

What we fund  Letha’s Fund awards grants for (1) trips (driver, gas, bus naturalist) to stimulating natural sites (preserves, environmental centers) that will give youth a meaningful exposure to native plants, habitats, and the chain of life; and (2) youth-involved projects that give hands-on exposure to creating or sustaining natural habitats. We do not fund picnics, food, chaperones

To apply for assistance, complete and save the application form. Then email it (preferred) tolethasfund@inpaws.org, or mail to INPAWS, Attn: Letha’s Fund Application, P.O. Box 501528, Indianapolis, IN 46250.  Letha’s Fund Application:  MS Word format  PDF format 

Turnaround  Applicants will receive a response to the application in about two to three weeks.

Evaluation/reporting  Upon completion of the project grantees must submit feedback in the form of pictures, logs, evaluations, or a summary report.

Questions and correspondence for Letha’s Fund should be addressed to lethasfund@inpaws.org.        


    Angela Sturdevant wrote on June 03, 2016

    Letha's Funds grants are ongoing. More information and links to the application can be found at www.inpaws.org/education/letha.

    Theresa Bennett wrote on April 11, 2014

    I cannot get to your site, is the grant still available for field trips to a Indy Park? I teach first grade and I am seeking money to help support a trip to Garfield Conservatory. My name is Theresa Bennett 78-0-5050 ext. 4116.

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