North Chapter Field Trips Announced

Spring is just three short weeks away, and if you’re like me, you’re counting the days until the first wildflowers appear.  The March edition of The Plant Press contains the full schedule of our 2013 field trip season (reproduced below), so be sure to save the dates.  As the trips approach, more information and reminders about the trips will be provided. Download March Plant Press

I would like to welcome several new members to our group.  As of February 21st, North Chapter membership officially stands at 89, which now makes us the second largest chapter in the state (Central, which includes Indianapolis is the largest), and our membership represents 15% of the entire state’s membership.

Our final indoor membership meeting/program of the season is on March 17th, and for this meeting we’re heading east to the ACRES Land Trust headquarters in Huntertown, IN.  This is the North Chapter’s easternmost trip to date, and I hope to see some new faces from our eastern members.

Steve Sass
North Chapter President

2013 North Chapter Field Trips

Submitted by John J, Smith

Field trips have been an important focus since the INPAWS North chapter began in 2012. In that first year there were monthly field trips from June through September.

In January INPAWS North members Tacy Flectcher, Cindy Loos, Scott Namestnik and John Smith began planning field trips for 2013. Their goal was to plan one to two trips monthly, April through September, in woodlands, wetlands and grasslands all across northern Indiana. Following is the basic 2013 field trip schedule they have planned:

April 14, 3 p.m. ET, ACRES Spurgeon Woodland Reserve, Noble Co.

April 20, 2 p.m. ET, Heron Rookery, Porter Co.

May 5, 2 p.m. ET. Bendix Woods, St. Joseph Co.

May 18, 2 p.m. ET. Gibson Woods, Lake Co.

June 15, 10 a.m. ET. Sebert Co. Park, LaPorte Co.

July 20, 11 a.m. ET. Trine State Recreation Area, Steuben Co.

August 11, 5 p.m. ET. Houghton Lake, TN C, Marshall Co.

August 24, 5 p.m. ET. Glacial Esker @ Chain O’Lakes State Park, Noble Co.

September 14, 11 a.m. ET. Eagle Marsh, Allen Co.

September 28, 2 p.m. ET. Hoosier Prairie Nature Preserve, Lake Co.

For each trip, complete information on directions, leaders, trail conditions and what to see will be in The Plant Press and will be e-mailed to chapter members prior to each trip. INPAWS members are encouraged to bring guests to all trips.


    Tacy Fletcher wrote on March 21, 2013

    I made a goof when giving John some information about the April 20th Heron Rookey walk--it is located in PORTER COUNTY not La Porte County--but more information will be coming up. Just email me the newsletter editor of The Plant Press at and I will send you the latest edition when it comes out which will include the address/directions/correction as well as other helpful information!

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