Archives: January 2014

  • Small Meadows: Practical and Beautiful

    By David Savage (reprinted from Winter 2014 issue of INPAWS Journal, Vol 20. No. 4) Early settlers of the lower Midwest wrote glowingly of beautiful, flowering meadows and of prairies filled with a blaze of color. There is a yearning today to try to recreate these visions on a smaller scale. The words prairie and…

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  • Video Cultivating Awareness of Invasive Plants

    Invasive plants are species that are non-native and cause or are likely to cause harm to the economy, the environment, or human health. Some popular ornamental plants are becoming invasive in natural areas. This video demonstrates the impacts of these species on natural areas in the Midwest and provides information on how to make good…

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  • INPAWS Council Meeting Dates Announced

    INPAWS officers, chapter leaders, and committee chairs constitute the INPAWS Council, which meets quarterly to conduct the business of the organization.  Dates for our Council meetings in the coming year (second Tuesday of Feb, May, Aug & Nov) are as follows: 11 February 2014 13 May 2014 12 August 2014 11 November 2014 Please reserve…

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