Flora-Quest 2015 Registration Now Open

Hemlocks to Hellbenders, August 27-29

Flora-Quest 2015 registration is now open.

Whether you are a professional naturalist or new to the wonders of the great outdoors, Flora-Quest has a trip designed for you. Since 2007, we have been educating Ohioans to their unique botanical communities. Our expert guides will lead you to Mohican’s most scenic locations and connect you with Ohio’s natural heritage.

Stroll to scenic waterfalls, discover nature high and low, or dive into a new habitat with our aquatic experts. This year we are embracing the hemlock forests and uplands of Mohican State Park and Forest. Jason Larson has the route with giant Hemlocks. Jim Berry is on-board for the birds and Greg Lipps can’t wait to show you a Hellbender. Whether you choose Hellbenders or Hemlocks, every trip is an adventure. Our trips cover all levels of ability and expertise.

The conference outings on Aug 27-29, 2015 will explore the hills, ferns, rock formations and hemlock trees of the Clear Fork River Gorge. Flora-Quest also has several of Ohio’s best speakers scheduled for programs on Mohican’s ecosystems and habitats. We will visit Malabar Farm, home of author Louis Bromfield, to learn about the 1940’s visionary and the beautiful old growth forest trees and wetlands he protected. Bromfield helped us to understand good farming practices are vital to healthy aquatic systems, which impact the hellbender and the people in Pleasant Valley and beyond. We will honor the Bromfield legacy which feeds the land and protects our natural heritage.

Our conference fills quickly each year, as we keep it a small and hands-on educational event. Book your room at the beautiful Mohican Lodge, the center of our activities. Please join us in Mohican Forest and Pleasant Valley, there is much to learn and love about this land. Whether the quest you choose visits waterfalls, the counter-facing trails of the river gorge, or an aquatic adventure, welcome to Mohican. We are ready for you.

Details and pricing at www.flora-quest.com.



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