Update on Mounds Reservoir Issue

Things are heating up on the Mounds Reservoir issue:

The Phase II report has been issued, and proponents will be attempting in March to get the various councils in Madison and Delaware County to support formation of a commission to move forward on the reservoir.

The Heart of the River Coalition held a panel in Yorktown on February 26 to refute the claims of the need for and feasibility of the reservoir. Tom Hohman was one of the panelists, not representing INPAWS or Indiana Parks Alliance, but appearing as a professional engineer with a lot of concerns about the feasibility of the reservoir. He is optimistic that approval by the local councils of the commission is not assured and that the reservoir may fail to get the approvals it needs. 

Below are links to two news accounts of the forum…



And an analysis of the Phase II report, finding many gaps… 


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    Beryl Gray wrote on July 10, 2015

    I recently read an article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (perhaps June 28) stating that it is not legal for the Mounds property to be changed from it's original intended use. It was written by an attorney. I am NOT in favor of the property being changed. I believe it is being pursued to become a resort area, and it will just spoil one of the states most beautiful natural resources.

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