INCA Conservation Congress September 30

Indiana Conservation Alliance (INCA), will host a Conservation Congress at the Abe Martin Lodge on Friday, September 30, 2016.  This event will be an opportunity for stakeholders across Indiana to focus on the future of our natural resources and wildlife conservation. 

From INCA web site:

Many of us have recognized the decrease in the recognition of the importance of Indiana’s natural resources over the years. You have to look no further than the steady decline in state funding for conservation over time.

We are at a “tipping point.” Millennials more and more consider “quality of life” when making employment and family decisions. Recent events highlight the importance of water quality and availability. The list goes on and on …

INCA is an alliance of about 25 Hoosier conservation organizations, including INPAWS.  Full details can be found on the IPA web site at



– Creating A Conservation Ethic –

Friday, September 30, 2016

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County SP

  1. Registration begins at 9:30 AM
  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks – 10 AM
    1. Cameron Clark, Director, IDNR (invited)
    2. Bill McCoy, Patoka Wildlife Refuge
  • Introduction to Congress – 10:15 AM
    1. Holly Jones, Indiana Urban Forestry Council
  1. Plenary Session – 10:30 AM
    1. Translating the IN Wildlife Action Plan into Action!
      1. IDNR FWS rep
    2. Overview of Conservation Program Accomplishments
      1. John Davis, IDNR (invited)
      2. Local project success
        1. Jim Sweeney, Porter County project
        2. Melissa Moran, the Children’s Park
        3. Christian Freitag, Beanblossom Conservation Area
  1. Lunch – 12:30 PM
    1. Presentation on coalition building by Steve Buyers and Nancy Williamson, Illinois
  2. Facilitated Discussions – 2 PM
    1. Joe Tutterrow, TNC – large group facilitator
      1. Small group discussions centered around the topics of conservation ethics, funding for conservation, engagement by organizations, and public/private natural resource management
    2. Large group discussion
  • Wrap up and Next steps – 4:15 pm

Adjourn – 4:30 PM

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