Watch for These New Invasive Plants

“Watch for These New Invasive Plants” is the title of Ellen Jacquart’s talk at a recent meeting of the Indiana Academy of Sciences. AND she tells what to do when you find them: “Report IN”.

Find Ellen’s presentation here:   It covers the following invaders with photos, detailed identification guidance, and how to report their location when you spot them:

1. Japanese stiltgrass
2. Plumeless thistle
3. Black swallow-wort
4. Pale swallow-wort
5. Callery pear
6. Burning bush
7. Amur cork tree
8. Sweet autumn clematis
9. Japanese chaff flower
10. Mile-a-minute vine

Ellen Jacquart of The Nature Conservancy is chair of the Invasive Plant Advisory Committee of the Indiana Invasive Species Council. We are lucky to have Ellen as INPAWS’ team leader for Invasives Education.


    Ellen Jacquart wrote on April 18, 2016

    Thanks, Wendy!

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