A Poem for Crown Hill

INPAWS member Sarah Gray submitted this poem in hopes that others will express what they feel in support of the natural world.

Let the Trees Stand for those that have Fallen


The battle for the North Woods at Crown Hill is not quite lost

Like generals in war, with a stroke of a pen, they have decided the fate of our trees

“Let us honor the dead by cutting down the living”


These trees have stood while soldiers have fought and died, in many battles far from home, in foreign lands.

They stand as living witnesses to those who have fallen so long ago that generations of families no longer remember them

We have buried the fallen, returned them to the earth, they live on as part of the cycle of life

They are part of these trees


It is not for the dead that you build this columbarium, for they are dead, they have moved on

It is for those that are still living, in remembrance of a name, a face, a love, a life

In these woods the peace and beauty of nature soothes our sadness

These old trees are a reminder of the continuance of life, a reminder that these soldiers died for the living, for future generations, for our children


So, we beseech you, the person behind a desk, in an office somewhere in the DVA

Please build your columbarium of concrete and steel elsewhere and leave these woods as a living memoriam

Do not cut down the living to honor the dead

Let the trees stand for those that have fallen

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