INPAWS to Host Seed Swap at 2017 Annual Conference

If you have native plants that set viable seeds, please collect some to share with other INPAWS members. After drying and cleaning the seeds, place them in wide-mouth jars (plastic or glass) with tight-fitting lids and label each jar clearly with the full common name of the parent plant and the county in which the seeds were grown. If you know the plant’s scientific name, please include that as well. 

Deliver your lidded jars of seeds to the seed swap venue, the Cook Group room on the first floor of the Convention Center, no later than 8:30 a.m. the day of the conference. There you will receive a card identifying you as a seed swap supplier. That card will allow you and one companion to become seed swap consumers during the first break in the conference program. During the later breaks, the seed swap will be opened to all conference attendees. 

If the seed swap this year is successful, we hope to make it an annual feature of the INPAWS conference. Thanks in advance for your contributions and your cooperation. More details on the conference can be found at


    David Parkhurst wrote on August 26, 2017

    I will likely participate, with seeds collected late fall of 2016 if that is okay.

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