Roadside Vegetation Management Bill Threatens Pollinators

Dan McCord of the Hamilton County Urban Conservation Alliance sent us this alert:

A bill under consideration by the Indiana Congress will negatively impact pollinators. HB 1026 – Roadside Vegetation Management requires INDOT to mow roadside vegetation a minimum number of times per year.  Furthermore, the bill conflicts with a new INDOT initiative to increase roadside habitat. IB 190-17-02 ECS CORRIDORS is a new partnership between INDOT, other agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to increase native habitat. 

Please take a few moments and consider contacting your representative to oppose HB 1026. 

To find your Representative see:  ( ). 

Here is a sample email that I sent to my reps. 

I am a resident of Fishers, an active voter, and a conservationist.  I am concerned about HB 1026 and the required highway mowing that will destroy pollinator (wildlife) habitat.  Pollinator populations are in significant decline due to the loss of habitat.  INDOT is doing an excellent job of maintaining our roadsides for safety and providing valuable wildlife habitat while also implementing fiscally responsible practices.  It would seem more prudent to spend the additional $12 million per year (estimated cost of increased mowing) on other highway maintenance needs rather than on increased roadside mowing.  Furthermore, HB 1026 conflicts with INDOT’s new initiative  IB 190-17-02 ECS CORRIDORS which is a partnership with other organizations that among other things increases roadside pollinator habitat. 

Please oppose HB 1026. 

Thank you

Dan McCord
10818 Pleasant View Lane
Fishers, IN 46038


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