Donate to “Save Our Ash Trees” Campaign

The Indiana Parks Alliance is working with Indiana State Parks and Nature Preserves to protect 100 mature, seed-producing ash trees in state parks and state-owned nature preserves across the state. The invasive Emerald Ash Borer has decimated the ash tree population in northern Indiana, and is rapidly advancing southward. Within the next 10 years 95% of all the ash trees in Indiana will be lost. Ash trees compose almost 20% of Indiana’s forests.

The campaign goal is $20,000. The cost to treat a large tree is about $200, but a contribution of any amount will help make the Save Our Ash Trees campaign a success. Protecting Indiana’s ash trees is preserving a significant part of Indiana’s natural heritage.

To learn more about the effort to save the trees and make a donation to the Save Our Ash Trees campaign, visit the IPA website at

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