2013 Equinox Tour

Fall Landscapes Showcasing Native Plants
(Fishers/Carmel Area in Central Indiana)

Sunday, September 22, 2013
1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Register at Geist Christian Church beginning 12:30 p.m.
126th & Promise Road, Fishers 

Fall is the time to plan and to prepare for 2014 gardening projects!

People are becoming aware of the urgency of increasing biodiversity and the value of including native plants in residential and public landscaping. Biodiversity encourages the visitation and survival of birds, butterflies and many other forms of wildlife which make our world more interesting and environmentally balanced. Use of native plants reduces maintenance costs involved in lawn care and cultivated gardens.

The native plant environments on the tour are in various stages of development and maturity, offering views of how native plant environments may appear over time.

Location of Native Plant Environments

The 2013 INPAWS Equinox Tour offers opportunities to learn more about inclusion of native plants in varied topographic areas. Four residences with multiple native gardens, a large church property and a shared space (community entrance space with trails) are featured in the Fishers/Carmel area. Information is provided on native gardens in Indianapolis, one at a public school and another in a city park, so that you can visit them at a future time.

Gathering Place

Geist Christian Church provides a centralized location for purchase of beverages and books on native plants as well as free information about landscaping with native plants and gardening organizations that offer training. People are encouraged to connect with others to carpool to sites located nearby in the Fishers/Carmel area.

Why Plant Natives?

Here’s a testimonial about growing native plants by an INPAWS member… 

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