Our Newsletter: INPAWS Journal 

INPAWS Journal is published quarterly for members and friends of the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society. Material may be reprinted with permission of the editor.

Acceptance for publication is at the discretion of the editor. We welcome photos, plant features, activity reports, announcements of upcoming events, and book reviews.


Submit ideas, written material, and/or graphics via email to journal@inpaws.org. Before launching an article, we suggest you query the editor about what you have in mind.

Submission deadlines for specific issues are as follows:

Spring—January 23 for April 1 mailing

Summer—April 22 for July 1 mailing

Autumn—July 22 for October 1 mailing

Winter—October 22 for January 1 mailing

Note: Information to be shared with INPAWS members via email may be directed to webmaster@inpaws.org.

Writers’ Guidelines

Here are some suggestions for good, clear writing and consistent style. Please observe the plant-naming and major formatting tips, and use as many of the stylistic conventions as you feel comfortable with.

Names of plants:

  • DO italicize Latin names of plants, capitalizing only the genus (ex: Rosa virginiana).
  • DO italicize the Latin family name when used alone (ex: Eleagnus family).
  • DO NOT italicize common names of plants (ex: lyre-leaved sage, pin oak).
  • DO NOT capitalize common names of plants, unless there is a person’s name in it (ex: black-eyed Susan, Short’s goldenrod).
  • DO your research! Be as specific and accurate as possible in identifying plants, as many species are similar.

Text and photos:

  • Send articles and photos as attachments to the e-mail address above. Very short articles sent in the body of an e-mail are acceptable.
  • Send only Word documents, preferably no longer than 800 words. We are unable to edit Adobe PDF files.
  • High resolution (300 ppi) illustrations are welcome when plants and/or people are well identified. We will use them as space allows.

Stylistic conventions:

  • DO italicize titles of books or magazines. Put chapter headings or article titles in quotations (ex: … in the New York Times article “Unhappy Meals” …)
  • DO italicize web addresses, e-mail addresses, and foreign words.
  • If you wish to stress a word or phrase, italicize it, but do this sparingly.
  • DO NOT underline anything, ever.
  • DO NOT capitalize job titles (ex., director, president, chairman) or committee names (plant sale committee, conference team).
  • DO provide the full name of an organization the first time you use it, followed by the acronym, as in “Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (IDNL)”, after which the acronym may be used alone. (Exception: INPAWS)
  • DO identify locations you mention by county, city, and region of the state.
  • DO spell out numbers less than 10 (one, two …). Use numerals for 10 and above. Always spell out any number if it occurs at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Last but not least, DO provide a few relevant facts about yourself for a “bio note.”