Report IN

Have you discovered a cluster of invasive plants in your area? Share information about your sighting via Report IN, an interactive program that compiles citizen reports of invasive species around the state.

The program is built upon EDDMapS, a simple, interactive Web interface that lets you submit your observations and view results through interactive queries into the EDDMapS database. 

Simply enter information from your observations into the standardized on-line data form, which allows specific information about the infestation and images to be added. Data entered is immediately loaded to the Website, allowing real time tracking of species. Being able to see the current data of a species as it moves into a new area helps to facilitate Early Detection and Rapid Response programs (EDRR). EDRR programs help stop or control an invasive species before it becomes an unmanageable problem.

All data is reviewed by state verifiers to ensure all data is accurate. The data is made freely available to scientists, researchers, land managers, land owners, educators, conservationists, ecologists, farmers, foresters, state and national parks.

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