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  • Black Walnut Tree Fungus Confirmed in Ohio

    This just in from Ohio entomologist Phillip Marshall via Ellen Jacquart… Ohio has confirmed the TCD fungus, Geosmithia morbid, from trees in Butler county Ohio (see attached press release). Butler County, Ohio is north of Cincinnati and adjacent to Dearborn County Indiana. The location of TCD in Butler county is 15-20 miles east of the…

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  • INPAWS Advocates to Restore Conservation Funding

    With INPAWS Council approval, INPAWS president Art Hopkins send the following letter on August 14, 2013. The letter was drafted by the Indiana Conservation Alliance, of which INPAWS is a member. INPAWS members are invited to chime in to keep funding for a number of important conservation funds that stand to be eliminated. ====================================================== The…

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  • Nature Daze Helps Landowners Manage Their Property

    NATURE DAZE 2013 Saturday, September 79:00am – 3:00pmCamp Rancho Framasa2230 Clay Lick RoadNashville, IN 47448 Nature Daze is an outreach event sponsored by the Brown County Native Woodlands Project to help landowners better understand the importance of managing their property to create resilient native habitat free of invasive plants. Activities for the day include talks…

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  • Call to Action: Prevent Mass Bee Poisonings

    This just in from Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation: Two weeks ago, the largest native bee kill ever recorded occurred in Wilsonville, Oregon. More than 50,000 bumble bees died when 55 linden trees were sprayed with the pesticide dinotefuran (also known as Safari) in a Target parking lot. This loss represents potentially hundreds of wild…

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  • White Violet Center for Eco-Justice Hosts Earth Day

    15th annual Earth Day Celebration – Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind. Date: April 20, 2013 Time: 11am – 3pm West Central Indiana’s largest and longest-running Earth Day celebration continues Saturday, April 20, 2013 at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. The 15th annual celebration is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is hosted by White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, a…

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  • Division of Nature Preserves Now on Twitter

    From Katie Bacone, DNR Outreach Manager and Digital Archivist…  Hello DNP Partners!  We wanted to let you know that the Division of Nature Preserves now has a Twitter account. Please follow us at and feel free to share with your mailing lists.  Thanks!

  • Update on INCA Priorities and Invasive Species Council Funding

    Quick update as to the status of and action needed for our 5 priorities for the legislative session: 1)      The Indiana Heritage Trust received $97,000 in the house budget bill, and the Senate will begin debating the budget next week.   INCA’s ask was $2 million/year. a.       ACTION NEEDED: Please contact your Senator and ask them…

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  • INCA Legislative Action Alert!

    Indiana Conservation Alliance urges INPAWS members to take action in support of conservation measures making their way through the legislature.  1.     Ask Sen. Charbonneau and Rep. Eberhart to schedule committee hearings on the phosphorus bills.  Neither one has committed either way yet. 2.     Please contact your member if they are on the House Ways and…

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  • An Appeal to Fund Invasive Species Research

    This appeal comes to us by way of Ellen Jacquart from Lauren Smith, PhD Candidate, Reynolds Lab, Department of Biology, Indiana University Do you want to contribute to the progress of invasive species research? I’m a PhD candidate at Indiana University in Bloomington, and I’m studying plant invasion ecology. In particular, I’m studying the high-impact invader garlic mustard, and…

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  • Indiana’s Invasive Plant List

    The Invasive Plant Advisory Committee of the Indiana Invasive Species Council has developed an invasive plant list for Indiana and it is now available at  An assessment document was created for each species, evaluating the invasive threat it poses for Indiana.  Those assessment documents can be accessed at the same web link as above,…

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