School Projects

INPAWS members have much to offer teachers and children in our schools. Those with expertise can support teachers in delivering an environmental curriculum. Those with gardening skill can help children plant native plants and watch what insects and birds come to their gardens. Those who love nature can share their enthusiasm as they participate in outdoor hikes with the children.

Several central Indiana school initiatives are exploring how volunteers can best support environmental learning inside and outside the classroom. We invite you to learn with us by participating in these projects.

Avon Outdoor Learning Center

The Avon OLC (Avon Public Schools) is a 7-acre pocket of native woodland cleared of invasive plants. A part-time environmental educator supports visits by more than 5,000 students annually.  

Avon OLC on Facebook

Woodlands, wetlands, prairies wow kids at Avon Outdoor Learning Center


IPS Cold Spring School Environmental Studies Magnet

Elementary school children (Indianapolis Public Schools) are growing vegetable plants from seed and selling them as a school project. INPAWS members have designed a native plant demonstration garden (woods edge plant community) and a prairie and are active members of the Friends of Cold Spring School, which seeks to establish relationships with environmentally minded organizations to benefit the school children.  

Friends of Cold Spring School   Friends of Cold Spring School on Facebook

Cold Spring students dig in, planting 400 plugs of forbs and sedges


IPS Harshman Magnet Middle School for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and World Languages

Middle school children (Indianapolis Public Schools) have planted an urban vegetable garden to be maintained by neighbors. They are also designing a native plant demonstration garden in their courtyard. To help, contact science teacher Mr. Ben Paliki at the school.

Harshman Middle School

Harshman kids plant seedlings grown by Cold Spring School students with the help of INPAWS stalwart Donovan Miller