Landscaping Support

INPAWS’ Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is tackling head-on the need to bring the entire community on board with the importance of using native plants in the landscape. A beefed-up Landscaping Support team is working on several fronts to make this so, as outlined below. Your participation is welcome by emailing

Note: Please do not expect INPAWS to assist with your landscape plans on a volunteer basis. We support those who make a living by specializing in landscaping with native plants. If you have a project in mind, we recommend that you join INPAWS and get to know members of your regional chapter, who may be happy to share their expertise and experience. Beginning in 2017, our Grow Native program will list certified landscape designers who can help with formal plans. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the many resouces provided on this website.

LS 1. Make Quality Information Available to Gardeners/Landscapers

Inventory, evaluate, and improve what’s available on INPAWS website and in INPAWS outreach brochures

Seek out other resources (organizations, books, agencies, etc.) to supplement

Work with Purdue to remove invasive species recommendations from their existing publications

Determine how best to address the most common questions posed by would-be native plant gardeners

Propose brochures, workshops, outreach campaigns to reach specific target audiences

LS2. Improve the Acceptance of Native Plants among Developers, Homeowners Associations, and Municipalities

Commence a dialog with these groups on the economic and environmental benefits of native plants

Develop a model weed ordinance for Indiana that supports citizens wishing to grow native plants in residential and commercial settings

Reward compliant organizations with favorable publicity

LS3. Manage “Grow Native” Retail Incentive Program

Seek out and evaluate plant sellers and designers

Award Certified Native Plant Designer certificates

Arrange to fulfill requests for materials promoting native plants

Promote the program with the gardening public

Engage Chapters in monitoring specific vendors and designers in their regions

LS4. Support Chapters in Staging Garden Tours

Encourage Chapters to stage garden tours in whatever form is appropriate for their interest and volunteer base

A detailed “cookbook” for garden tours is included in the Chapter Leader Handbook, based on years of experience when the State organization staged such tours in central Indiana

Answer questions as needed