Larger Scale Plantings

For the more ambitious gardeners among us, inspiration may be gained by looking at large-scale plantings of native plants undertaken by community groups, commercial enterprises, and restoration projects. These are just a few examples of what can be done when someone impassioned about native plants takes the lead.

Community Projects

Daubenspeck Community Nature Park  A volunteer-operated greenspace haven of approximately 22 acres at 8900 Ditch Road on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

Ridgefield Subdivision Nature Park  Dan McCord’s suburban prairie saves his neighborhood association money that they used to spend mowing.

Traders Point Gateway Project  Native trees and shrubs planted by neighborhood and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful volunteers to enhance a greenspace surrounding an INDOT maintenance facility.

Native plants surround retention pond at Ridgefield Subdivision


Commercial Landscapes

Ameriplex at Portage  An eight-acre bed of native grasses and forbs within a 350-acre business development has been converted from mowed turf to a habitat for insects, birds, and animals. Owned by Holladay Properties, the park is recognized by the Indiana Wildlife Federation as a wildlife-friendly development.

Lilly Sustainable Gardens  The pharmaceutical giant called for a native plant garden to interface with the surrounding neighborhood. Kevin K. Parsons & Associates, Inc., rose to the challenge.

Restoring Natural Areas

IDNR’s Division of Nature Preserves and Division of Forestry both have a role in restoring and maintaining Indiana’s natural areas.

Consult their websites for programs to manage or maintain existing native plants and reintroduce plants that no longer appear in their native habitats. Some, such as the Classified Forest and Wildlands Program, can help landowners evaluate and protect the natural resources on their property.

Turning a parking lot back into a wetland