Promoting native plants for Indiana landscapes

Did you know that an estimated 86% of invasive woody species—like Asian bush honeysuckle, privet, and burning bush—come from landscape plantings? Our Grow Native program promotes the use of native plants in landscaping instead of invasive plants.

Here’s how it works. The Grow Native program rewards businesses who sell native plants by providing marketing materials that highlight the native plants they sell. Look for the Grow Native logo in their shops.

Basic Members sell at least some native plants and carry this logo:


Invasive-Free Members have also agreed to stop selling invasive plants. These vendors carry the invasive-free logo and are featured in our interactive online Buy Native Directory.


What is an invasive plant? An invasive plant is a non-native plant that infests natural areas and causes environmental or economic harm, or harm to human health.

Of the roughly 2,900 plant species growing outside of cultivation in Indiana, about 33% are non-native, but only a small fraction of those non-native species are invasive.

Invasive plants degrade and destroy thousands of acres of our natural plant communities in Indiana. Each year millions of dollars are spent to control them.

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Species listed as invasive by the Indiana Invasive Species Council