Marion Jackson’s Favorite Trees

Find articles about the following trees in back issues of INPAWS Journal. Page numbers of the articles are listed on the front page of each Journal.

Pawpaw  Asimina triloba  Winter 2005-06

Yellowwood  Cladrastis lutea  Autumn 2007

Pagoda dogwood  Cornus alternifolia  Summer 2006

Tulip tree  Liriodendron tulipifera   Spring 2005

Sourwood  Oxydendrum arboreum   Summer 2007

Mitten tree  Sassafras albidum  Summer 2005

Basswood  Tilia americana   Winter 2006-07

Red mulberry  Morus rubra  Winter 2008-09


Related articles by Marion Jackson:

“Running Before Ice: World Distribution of Temperate Hardwood Forest Species”  Winter 2007-08

“Hoot Woods: Legacy of a Pioneer Family”  Autumn 2005

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