Mounds Reservoir Proposal

INPAWS Council has stated its opposition to the proposed Mounds Reservoir that would dam the White River at Anderson and flood mature riparian areas and a nature preserve. This page is to serve as a resource for those wishing to follow developments and express their views to legislators.

Anderson City Council Public Hearing May 28

Protest Paddle and Self-Guided Tour May 30

Forum on Mounds Reservoir June 2

Good and Bad Developments June 16

Tour Mounds State Park with Indiana Wildlife Federation August 6

Daleville Vote Kills Mounds Lake Project (Muncie Star Press, Sept 15)

Yorktown Opposes Mounds Reservoir Sept 21 

INPAWS’s Position

The proposed Mounds Reservoir, on the White River at Anderson, would inundate a rare and unique dedicated state nature preserve, as well as significant areas of mature riparian habitat. The Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society believes that this would represent irreparable damage to the flora and fauna of Indiana, and is opposed to the project.

Circumstances of Council Resolution passed February 11, 2014

Useful Websites

Mounds Lake Reservoir: Questions, Concerns, Perspectives 

Facebook: Mound Lake Reservoir? Dam no.

Facebook Community: Mounds Lake Reservoir – NO (beautiful photos of the natural areas)

Heart of the River Coalition

Take Action

Write a Letter, Make a Phone Call

People to Contact About the Mounds Issue

Updates on the Proposal

Visit INPAWS blog and search on “Mounds”