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  • Seeking Silphium Seed for Seed Bank

    From David Van Tassel, Ph.D.,┬áThe Land Institute… Can you collect native silphium seed for us? We need your help. After the drought years of 2011 and 2012 we decided to fast-track our silphium (Silphium integrifolium, “whole-leaf rosinweed”) breeding program because of the legendary drought and heat tolerance of this native prairie species. In 2013 we…

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  • KS Land Institute Seeking Silphium

    We are seeking to diversify the genetics of our Silphium integrifolium (rosinweed) population. Currently, most of our material comes from wild populations in Kansas. If any of you know how to identify this species and know where it can be found, I would be most grateful if you could collect some seeds and send them…

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